Sunday, April 15, 2001

11 Marilyn Zerrudo (Bicol) 10 Helen Nolledo (Quezon) 03 Violeta Bejo(M.Manila)
03 Marie Estibes(Isabela) 11 Jack Bermundo(M.M.) 11 Michelle Belen (M.Manila)
05 Jonathan Mazo (Leyte) 01 Divino deGuzman/N.Ecija 02 Michael Bingo(N.Ecja)
07 MaEstrelitaLinsangan/N.E.10 Roy Tapang(Pampanga) 03 Fe Gimarino(Davao)
07 Joy Gimarino(Davao) 04 Divina Sarmiento(Laguna) 07 Zeny Silang(Mindoro)
08 Lany Camay(Bicol) 08 Roselyn Sierra(Bicol) 05 Crispin Paraculles(Mis.Or)
05 CristelJoy Austria/Mindo. 02 Aida Bautista(Batangas) 03 Evelyn Bautista(Batangas)
05 Loida Bautista(Batangas) 03 Alejandro Opulencia/Bats02 Violeta Magsino(Batangas)
05 Rolando Ulatan(Quezon) 01 Allan Laurente(Ilocos S.) 11 Adoracion Porca(M.Manila)
03 Maleen Cabanjen/Zambal. 03 Marife Cassidor(Samar) 08 Marilou Bitang(Batangas)
02 Edwin Angeles/Pampanga02 Elmer Angeles(Pamp.) 01 Audrey Doctor(Batangas)
03 EvangelineCajucom(N.E.) 08 May Cajucom(M.Manila) 01 Lucila Bautista(Aurora)
01 Labor Masidong(Mt.Prov) 05 Elvie deGuzman(Pamp.) 02 Ralf Austria(Bataan)
01 May Tuazon(Pampanga) 07 Carolina Urbano(M.Manila)01 Joel Mesias Jr.(Albay)
(May God guide, inspire and assist our Birthday Celebrants. Praise the Lord, our God!)

"Knowledge speaks, but wisdom listens." This is the saying of Jimi Hendrix . This saying
could mean so much to all of us. Knowledgeable people often know too much and more
often they speak a lot on any given subject. At times, they have the tendency to be proud
and overbearing.
On the other hand, wise people have the tendency to listen. And whenever they speak,
their words have depth and value. Oftentimes, they limit to the minimum the words they
speak because when much is said, the main message is lost.
Take the case of the group of pharisees/sadducees in comparison to Jesus. The group
of the pharisees/sadducees always literally follow the book of the Law which has
thousands of laws. Life becomes very complicated and heavy because there was
always a law of foreverything. On his part, Jesus emphasize on the law of Love. This
love has to be expressed in relation to God and in relation to fellow human beings.