Tuesday, April 10, 2001

EDITORIAL (April 15, 2001 Easter Sunday)
The Lord has risen indeed. Alleluia. John Wijngaards, commenting on
"True Consolation" wrote the following:
" Paul's experience was that God had revealed himself in Jesus Christ to
be "God with us", a God who is on our side, a God who knows our
suffering because he shares it with us. Jesus himself was deeply upset
when he stood before Lazarus' tomb. He wept, John tells us. In Jesus,
God himself endured the agony in Gethsemane and cried out in mortal
anguish from the cross. It is this suffering God, not he Manager God,
who proves to be a Father of mercies and a God of all consolation.
It is our staying with the suffering and sorrowful that counts. The
things we do to support, the time we spend, the clasp of our hand, the
space we give the other to feel and express grief, bring more
consolation than anything we say."
This explanation says a lot of good things, worth reflecting on. God
Himself in and through Jesus did not exempt Himself from suffering.
He welcomed it and subjected himself to suffering and the cross. And
this teaches us a special lesson. The challenge and the way of the
Cross in the only way.
Today, as we celebrate Easter Sunday, God gives us JOY at the
Ressurection of Christ. It is a great triumph, the VICTORY that crown
the Cross of suffering and trials. So, Happy Easter to ALL.