Wednesday, April 04, 2001

EDITORIAL (April 8, 2001: Palm Sunday).
"We must embrace pain and burn it as fuel for our journey," according to Miyazawa Kenji. All of us
have experiences of pain: physical, internal, mental, spiritual, etc. Pain somehow tortures us and
consequently we suffer a lot from it.
But the saying of Miyazawa Kenji could be a very good food for thought. If only we could give it a lot of
consideration and deep thinking, then it could boost our total human growth. Oftentimes, people will just
undergo pain and simply suffer. They do nothing positive. So life becomes very difficult and burdensome.
Soon they lose the interest to live; then they become psychologically depressed and finally surrender
themselves to despair.
That is not correct. Receive then befriend the pain. Allow it to challenge you, so that you could become
braver and more courageous in the future. Strengthen yourself in the face of adversity and convince
yourself that you can do better next time. In this way, pain and suffering are burnt and become fuel for
your life's journey.
In a similar way, Jesus received all the accusations, insults and condemnation by the Jewish leaders
but allowed these to strengthen his conviction to preach all the more the grace and loving mercy of the
Lord. So, by way of conclusion; let us not fear the cross; let us carry it towards the mountain of growth
and of success.