Wednesday, January 03, 2001

SEA-LAND STAR No. 425 March 4, 2001
Our Lady of the Sacred Heart (Hope of the Hopeless) is the Star of Sea & Land.
(For Int'l Seafarers, Workers, Musicians, Professional Residents in Korea)
The Apostleship of the Sea is the pastoral ministry of the Missionaries of
the Sacred Heart (M.S.C.) in Korea.
Chaplain: (Fr.) Ray T. Sabio, MSC (Inchon Port & Inchon Catholic Interna-
tional Community). Tel. 011--331-8312; 032--765-6974/887-4312
E-mail: Fax: 032--882-4323
BIRTHDAY CELEBRANTS: Mar. 4 - 10, 2001
04 Rudy Gimarino (Davao) 10 Arsenia Suarez(Davao) 05 Mareitta Medecio(Cebu)
05 Alice Naval(Bicol) 05 Emily Chavez(Pamp.) 10 Roseanne Atienza(Bats.)
04 Minda Casillan(Mindoro) 04 Marina Jonson(Bats.) 04 Lucy Granada(Batangas)
10 Kyoung Son Kim(Inchon)09 Georgina Romano/Pamp. 07 Orly Castillo(M.Manila)
04 Barnie Buenavides(Cavite)09 FranciscaVillalobos/Bats. 10 Maria Villalobos(Bats.)
06 Norie Patubo(Iloilo) 05 Fely de Leon(Cavite) 07 Ronald Aquino(Laguna)
08 Carla dela Torre(Iloilo) 10 Joseph del Mundo/Bulac. 06 Maricel Tabakig(Rizal)
08 Julie A.Gutierrez(Quezon) 05 Andy Panaligon(Quezon) 09 Hermana Himoc(Laguna)
04 Rochelle Morales(Pamp.) 07 Arnel Romero (M.Manila)
May God grant His special blessings and guidance to our Birthday Celebrants. Alleluia!
SPIRITUALITY AND BIBLE STUDY PART 8: Mar. 4, 2001. Catholic Center, Room 512. Time: 2:00 PM - 3:30 P.M. We will learn the basic information regarding the Bible (esp. the New Testament) and also, sometime later, how to answer the many questions which the people of other religions direct to us. Please invite your friends. -------o0o---) o0o (---o0o-------
UPDATES FROM METROBANK. The Central Bank of Korea recently made new very strict requirements and rules regarding remittance procedures. Please see the new rules on the next page. Metrobank is indeed trying its best how to meet these requirements and to facilitate the remittances of the workers as well as the trainees.
METROBANK will service the remittances of our workers and trainees on the Last Sunday of the month. (Juvy Kaibigan can service your remittances on other Sundays whenever she is present.) So, please inform your relatives and friends and encourage them to remit their earning for the much needed financial support of their families especially during these difficult times.
The printing cost of our Missalette/Sea-Land Star Newsletter is sponsored by METROBANK-Seoul Branch. Thank you very much.
-------o0o---) o0o (---o0o------
CATECHISM FOR ALL. Please check our Catechism Corner and try to master the things said there. This will help strengthen our faith in God and to become better disciples/followers of Christ Jesus our Loving Lord.
WANTED: MORE CHOIR MEMBERS. Please join the Music Ministry of our community. Offer part of your time (just 30 minutes before the Holy Mass) and voice to the Lord; and he will grant you his many blessings. The Lord remembers very well the sacrifices, acts of service and love which we offer to Him and His people. When you are generous to the Lord, the more He will also be generous to you.
EDITORIAL (Fr. Ray T. Sabio, MSC)
"The reason why worry kills more people than work is that more people worry than work." according to Robert Frost. When faced with a difficult situation, everyone experiences uncertainty. It is natural for everybody to feel this way. However, it is always wise to follow the simple rules of: stop, look and listen.
The first step to take is to stop and concentrate on the difficult situation. Ask youself, what makes it difficult? What does it mean be in this situation? Then after giving a temporary answer to yourself, look around you! Are there others in the same difficulty? How do they approach it? What are they trying to do? Lastly, try to listen to what your mind and heart are saying; try to convince yourself that this is they way you should approach it; then act accordingly.
When you do this, worry does not enter you soul because you have made a decision to realize and put to work what you have honestly decided to do. Chances are: you will succeed! But even if you fail, there is no harm done because you have honestly and prudently acted on it. And of course, you can console yourself that you have learned much from your mistake.
Worry comes in only when a person does nothing while sitting on the difficult situation. He allows the difficulty to press down on him and eventually, overpower him. Finally he surrendes . . . . . and dies.
Let us learn something from Robert Frost statement. Let us try to do our best while doing our work, even if our best is not good enough before the eyes of others. Let us put our trust in the Lord that He will supply what is still lacking in us. Remember we cannot do everything. We can only do just a number of things in our lifetime; but let us do them very well.

SONGS FOR THE MASS: No. 425 Mar. 4, 2001
Ent. Change my Heart, O God 2/4
All. Sing a New Song (no.61)3/4
Off. Paghahandog ng Sarili (no.50)4/4
Com. Amazing Grace (no.24)3/4
Fin. Give Thanks (no.23)2/4
Mar. 4, 2001 Mar. 25, 2001
Aida Eugenio Cathy Kim
Vanessa Abud Myrna Arcangel
Dennis Buduan Gerry Orinion
Mar. 18, 2001 Mar. 11, 2001
Precy Lee Fe Gimarino
Tess Lopez Edna Park
BebongTongcua Tony Naval
Thanksgiving: Gemma Jumawit; Fe and
Sung Jin Kim; Gilbert Somera
Eternal Rest: Carmelita & Lauro Victoriano
Pelicola; Pablo Alinas; Ricardo Abrasaldo;
MaVenus Tapao
Good Hearth & Success to All Members of
our Inchon Community

Give thanks with a grateful heart
Give thanks to the Holy One
Give thanks for He has given
Jesus Christ, His Son. (2x)
And now let the weak say I am stong;
let the poor say, I am rich. Because
of what the Lord has done for us,
/Give thanks(2x)/ We give you thanks.