Saturday, December 02, 2000


Birth: Not later than 10 A.D. Although from birth Paul had a status of a Roman citizen, he was most probably a Greek speaking Jew who could also speak Aramaic. The Greek environment of Tarsus (in Asia Minor) where he was born as well as the Jewish heritage of his parents left their marks on him.

Conversion: about 36 A.D. He was martyred in the year 67 A.D. in the time of Emperor Nero, by beheading.

51 A.D. First Letter to the Thessalonians
54 - 55 A.D. Letter to the Galatians
56 - 57 A.D. Letter to the Philippians
57 A.D. First Letter to the Corinthians
57 A.D. (Autumn) 2nd Letter to the Corinthians
57 - 58 A.D. Letter to the Romans
61 - 63 A.D. Letter to Philemon
61 - 63 Letter to he Collosians
Letter to the Ephesians: difficult to date, written maybe after other letters were finised.
Pastoral Letters (1Tim. and Titus) in 65 A.D.; (2 Tim.) in 67 A.D. shortly before Paul was martyred.

Friday, December 01, 2000

Ad: Our Lady of the Sacred Heart


There are two very important reasons that inspired me to put in writing these stories and narratives.

1) To highlight the great significance of our Jubilee Year 2000 Foundation Day (Dec. 8, 2000) and to commemorate the miraculous assistance of our Blessed Mother (Our Lady of the Sacred Heart) to Fr. Jules Chevalier 146 years ago. It was She who helped make possible the very foundation of our MSC congregation on the very memorable date when the dogma of the Immaculate Conception was promulgated on December 8, 1854.

2) Many of us MSC's (I observed, correct me if I am wrong!) tend to be reserved if not shy or inhibited to recount and share numerous stories related to the intercessions or various forms of miraculous assistance extended to us and to others by Our Lady of the Sacred Heart. Definitely, Fr. Jules Chevalier was not! It could well be that this Jubilee Year and the subsequent years of the 3rd Millennium would be the "kairos" to give Her a renewed look as well as to acknowledge and speak openly and courageously about Her maternal power to interceed for us and God's people.

I am convinced that the more we proclaim her name, the more we will attract Associates, friends, vocations, conversions and at times, even financial assistance. I honestly believe that the significance and meaning behind her name, precisely as a "Woman of Love"; as a "Mother who taught Jesus how to love"; as "Our Mother who could teach us the way Jesus Himself realified Love"; and more significantly as the "Hope of the Hopeless" are very appealing to the lay people.

I tend to conclude then that Our Lady of the Sacred Heart is the special gift of Christ's Heart to our M.S.C. Congregation to be shared with people we work with and for; just as the Sacred Heart of Jesus is . . . God the Father's gift par excellence to the World. Happy Foundation Day! (Raymond T. Sabio, M.S.C.)