Thursday, September 14, 2000

Dear Gene,
Pax et gratia Christi! I am sending you this new entry, 'His Curriculum Vitae' and
place it under, 'His Web page' in
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Birthdate: March 28, 1946

Birthplace: Tubungan, Iloilo, The Philippines

Parents: Conrado Penas Sabio and Felicissima Tadeo Taco-Sabio

Offsprings: Maria Fe; Lourdes; Angelica (Sr. Fidelis, PBVM); Ramon; Nenita;
Salvador; Raymundo; Generoso; John and Marcos.

Present Address: The Apostleship of the Sea, 104 Catholic Center, #3 Tapdong,
Chung-gu, Inchon, KOREA 400-090

Permanent Address: Missionaries of the Sacred Heart, #22 Gilmore Ave. (cor.
4th St., New Manila, Quezon City, The Philippines

Educational Attainment/Formation:

March, 1963 Secondary School Graduation (Sacred Heart Mission Seminary,
Lawaan, Talisay, Cebu)

June, 1966 Religious Profession (Missionaries of the Sacred Heart,
Valladolid, Carcar, Cebu)

March, 1968 A.B. Philosophy Graduation (Ateneo de Manila University, Quezon
City, Metro Manila)

Decem.1971 Sacerdotal Ordination in Bacolod City by Most Rev. Antonio
Fortich, D.D. (Bishop of Bacolod)

March, 1972 Theological Studies Completion (Ateneo de Manila University/LST)

March, 1976 M.A. in Theological Studies (Ateneo de Manila University/LST)

Jan. 9, 1978 M.A. in Spirituality (Loyola University of Chicago, Illinois)

1978--1983 Post Masteral Courses (Jesuit School of Theology in Chicago;
Catholic Theological Union in Chicago; Ateneo de Manila
University in Quezon City, Metro-Manila)


1972 - 1973 Teacher/Treasurer (Sacred Heart Mission Seminary, Cebu)

1973 - 1976 Director (MSC Formation Center, Cebu City)
Lecturer (St. Theresa's College and University of San Carlos,
Cebu City)

1976 - 1977 Parishpriest of Cordova Parish, Cebu Archdiocese

1977 - 1978 Chaplain (Filipino Community at Queen of Angels Parish in Chicago)

1979 - 1985 Novice Master (M.S.C. Chevalier Novitiate, Quezon City)

1980 - 1982 Chairman. (Novice Masters' Association of the Philippines)

1982 - 1985 Lecturer (Ateneo de Manila University; Maryhill School of
Theology in Quezon City; San Carlos Archdiocesan Major
Seminary in Guadalupe, Metro Manila)

1983 - 1986 Member: Board of Trustees (Communication Foundation for
Asia, Metro Manila)

1986 (May) Arrived in Seoul, Korea to join the MSC Mission Team.

1986 - 1988 Director (M.S.C. Formation House, Seoul, Korea)

1987 - 1999 Wrote several shorts articles for Korea Herald, Korea Times
and Asiaweek

1988/Nov-Dec. Fund-raising trip for the Phil. MSC Novitiate Reconstruction
to the Netherlands, Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

1989 - 1991 Assistant Priest (Pomil-dong Parish, Pusan Diocese, Korea)

1991 - now Chaplain: (Apostolatus Maris/Inchon Seaport; Inchon Catholic
International Community; Harbor Workers' Apostolate). Diocese
of Inchon.

1992 - now Editor: Sea-Land Star (Inchon Cath. Int'l Community Newsletter)

1992 - 1993 Member: (Preparatory Commission for the MSC 1993 General
Chapter, Rome, Italy)

1992 (Oct.) Facilitator: Group Meetings (Apostolatus Maris Int'l. Convention,
Houston, Texas, USA)

1993 (Dec.) Labor Adviser. (Designated by R.P. Labor Secretary Nieves Confessor)

1994 (Dec.) M.S.C. Korea Section Superior

1996 (Aug.) Representative: MSC Asia-Pacific-Australia (APIA Region)
Convention (Suva, Fiji)

1997 (July) Adviser: (Phil. Entertainers' Association in Korea - PEAK)

1998 (Sept.) Invocation Giver: Vice-Pres. Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo's Meeting
with the Filipino Community Leaders in Seoul

1998 (Dec.) Recipient: Presidential Award/Citation (Banaag), Malacanang
Palace, Manila

1999 (Feb.) M.S.C. Korea Region Superior

1999 (June) Invocation Giver: President Joseph Estrada's Meeting with the
Filipinos in Seoul, Korea

1999 (Sept.) Delegate: M.S.C. 1999 General Chapter, Issoudun, France

2000 (Aug.) Representative: MSC Asia-Pacific-Australia (APIA Region)
Convention (Manado, Sulawesi, Indonesia)

Awards/ Citations:

Dec. 12, 1977 Honors' Certificate. (Theology Dept., Loyola Univ. of Chicago)

Dec. 18, 1993 Plaque of Appreciation. (Given by Ambassador Francisco L.
Benedicto for Assistance to Workers, Phil. Embassy, Seoul)

Sept. 26, 1977 Kabalikat ng Mangagawa Award (Given by R.P. Labor Secretary
Leonardo A. Quisumbing, Phil. Embassy, Seoul)

Aug. 21, 1998 Certificate of Commendation (Given by Former
Vice-President Salvador H. Laurel, Chairman of the
Philippine Centennial Commission)

Dec. 11, 1998 Presidential Award/Citation (Banaag). (Given by President
Joseph E. Estrada for assistance rendered to Seafarers
and Fil. Workers at the Malacanang Palace, Manila)

May 2, 2000 Scroll of Recognition. (Given by the Administrator
Eleuterio N. Gardiner of the Overseas Workers Welfare
Administration (OWWA, Dept. of Labor) at the Phil.
Embassy, Seoul, Korea)

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Dear Gene,

Your comments about your links are well taken. I fully understand
your side. (On my part, it was just a suggestion, baka sakali!)

I have no problem in openning all the links of John. What could
possibly be the cause? Anyhow, this is just to inform you that from
my side no problem so far.

How about my comment with regard to the music background, does it
make sense? Still waiting for your response.

Hasta nalang diri anay. Ray, msc

Wednesday, September 13, 2000

Nong Ray,

I am anchoring "My Personal Page" with all the links in my signature/name link and not among any of the major headings for the reason that there are still additions and corrections that I am making. Secondly, it is meant to be a surprise for the surfers, that upon clicking it, a whole new vista and possibilities open up before them. Thirdly, for me, making a separate heading just for that seems too brazen and self-serving. Those who do a lot of surfing know that an underlined and/or colored word is a link. For the moment I feel ill at ease with a separate main heading. Probably later...

Have you already some success with opening your link at

? I tried to look at where the break is; and I think it must be okay now.

God bless us all.

Gene, MSC

To Gene and John

I took a look at your new entry and yes, it very good. So I sent my comments
via e-mail and I suppose you will see it a little later. I am preparing my
curriculum vitae which could be put under the His Web-page in

John, please see my e-mailed comments in relation to your Bio-data at
My Pitas Page. I am happy you made use of My Pitas Page for
your personal Biodata. Well, I hope these comments of mine will be of help.
Is you new e-mail, replacing your old one?

Yours sincerely, Ray. msc

Kindly have a look at the latest entry at:


Then click my (Gene) in parenthesis then there is the link "John Sabio." Are the entries there okay? Or do you still have something to add? Or you want something deleted, changed, improved, etc.?

Greetings to Talieng, or to confreres..

Gene, MSC

Further Information about egroups. Please save for future member(s).
1. At first, the sent an email to the invited members, whom I selected. In it, was the
authorization number needed to accept the invitation, log in your email address, and create your new password for sabio egroups at supply password.
2. Once the first step has been completed, Go to:
3. To sign in, at the email block: Type your complete email address. At password block: Type your password for sabio egroups.
4. Click the icon MY GROUPS (rectangular shape, blue color).
5. Click on the word: Sabio (appearing on the third line).
6. Click on the word: Messages (on the left sidelines)...then click on a particular message you want to read.
7. To go back to the previous page, click on the triangle icon, pointing to the left, located at the upper left corner. Click on the word: post, to send message( click: send message, again when asked to reconfirm)
8. Other attributes: calendar, database, members in the group etc.
Good Luck

Sunday, September 10, 2000

I created the Anybody can make the egroups too.
This is similar to the blogger. The differences are: the egroups can be moderated, by invitation, the invited member(s) can create his/her a new password and any member can be expulsed too. At present, there are 4 people invited: Nong Saldy, Fr. Ray, Fr. Gene and me(John). We can expand this later.
Important: In the process of accepting the invitation (or creating the egroups) create a new password when asked to supply a password.
Regarding Filipino Veterans current SSI, the Federal law and California law hold the same interpretations, that veterans who are receiving (present tense) SSI can bring home with them to the Philippines. Tatay is with the same boat of veterans who received and had the SSI cut off when the veterans went back to the Philippines. Their predicament is in limbo right now. So far, the same group (an organization) is lobbying for another bill to cover all veterans and it may take a year or years, who knows?
It's a piece meal work because it involves big sum of money.