Saturday, September 09, 2000

Thanks for the posting on this bulletin board.

1. To Gene. The new name of your web-site, is a lot simpler
and I notice, the shorter the name of the web-page, the better the effect.
Secondly, the piece of Bach (Jesus Joy of Men's Desiring) is now very accessible.
It would be better to put that on top because it is reflective/meditative in fashion and
the materials on m-jpic needs a lot of reflection. The piece of Chopin is choppy and
bumpy, and it does not enhance deep reading. Put it below as an alternative. (This
is just my personal opinion.).
Another point: Has Fr. Lennard Sabio communicated with you. (His father is the 1st
degree cousin of Dr. Elpidio Sabio and Atty. Ester Sabio Fagtanac). He asked me for
your address in view of his Jubilee Year visit to Rome. (He is the archiocesan bursar
under Arch. Orlando Quevedo, OMI.) If his time permits, he wishes to meet you.

2. To John. Any news about Tatay's USAFFE benefits. Based on the news I sent
you few weeks ago, the State of California already approved that all USAFFE veterans
living in US or outside US could receive their allotments. Any development on this?
I hope Tatay could be covered by this California State Law.

3. To Nong Saldy. I already sent your telephone numbers to Mr. Eduardo Sabio of ICRAF.
Has he communicated with you regarding his Bacolod trip in order to see the Governor
in relation to the ICRAF project in Neg. Occ.? I hope you will have a good encounter/
meeting. (Incidentally, his father (once a KofC Grand Knight at CLSU is a very good
friend of Fr. Rainier Glansbeek, and as a kid, he used to play with his friends in the
CLSU Rectory of Fr. Glansbeek. He has an admiration for Fr. Glansbeek. So I said, what
a coincidence since all of us know very well that tall admirable priest.)

4) I hope, all of us could take few minutes every other day (or everyday) and scribble a
few lines here and there on this bulletin board regarding our activities (small or great;
ordinary or interesting; meaning, anything in your mind). Internet has been such a
great blessing and it could foster better communication as well as greater cooperation
between us all. Let us maximize the use of it.
Yours sincerely in the Lord, Raymond Sabio, MSC
The "" seems a lot simpler, and thus easier to handle than the other programs in the Internet. The other programs seems somewhat encumbersome for one reason or another, such as the waiting time for the program to load, then people have just to get used to opening this sort of thing everyday, and lastly, many find it just hard to communicate piecemeal then wait then write, then wait, etc.! Some have already the problem of opening their e-mails everyday! But I think, it is just a matter of making it a habit.

My official is:

or the simpler,

I received a similar letter/note from Sr. Fidelis. Is she the same Sr. Rosarii who was present during her perpetual vows in Himamaylan some time in 1975 or so? I suppose she has already received by now my response that I sent more than a week ago, mainly about some details of my visit to the USA.

Gene, MSC

Friday, September 08, 2000

News Update
1. I recently received a card from Sr. Fidelis regarding her visit (with Sr. Rosarii) at the MSC GRACE
DIEU RETREAT HOUSE in Waterford, Ireland They were warmly and hospitably received by Fr.
Paddy Walsh, MSC. It is indeed a very beautiful place, she said and this is attested by the pictures
on the postcard.

2. Nang Fe bought 2 tickets for the world famous 'MISS SAIGON" musical play to be staged at the
Phil. Cutural Center. The play will start on Oct. 1. All tickets were sold out since Lea Salonga weill
be the main/leading lady of the very famous play.. The earliest tickets she could get is Oct. 8.
Nang Fe said, tickets were sold like hot cakes. (That will be too late for Sr. Fidelis.) So the two
tickets will be for Nang Fe and Nang Lourdes. (Compliments of John for our two elder sisters.
Hopefully, this will help make the Jubilee Year 2000 a bit more memoraable and fascinating for the
two of them! After all, they made so much sacrifices in life. Kaunting consuelo na man)

3) Sept. 11 is Chusok Day for the Koreans. No work. They will go home to their parents or grandparents'
home/village; and will celebrate the day with a very special family meal; and visit the graves of their
ancestors, make kneeling bow (2 times) in front of the tomb, and offer food and drink to the dead.
At the same time, it is also a Day of Thanksgiving for the Harvest (taking place around this time.).

Okay now. regards to all. Raymond Sabio, MSC

Tuesday, September 05, 2000


Well, well . . . thanks John for putting up a short notice. You did well since you followed the directions I gave through the e-mail. See you already posted something on the web-site. As I said, it is like a bulletin board, and you could post any notice you want. If you notice the title of this present posting is in bold letters. It is because I use a simple html method on how to make bold letters.

Please confer and then click the "Introduction to HTML". After reading carefully, you can experiment with this in this web-site; and if you do not get the effect after posting you click the "edit" and you can make another try; then click "Post" to see the result. Repeat the process for familiarization. See, that is already one step in the html. If you do not get the desired effect, e-mail me for explanation. At the beginning, it is a bit cumbersome, but as you learn it, it become easy and indeed very interesting because you can manipulate the posting according to you desired effect.

So one step at a time. We will learn other steps/trick in the future. Okay now.
Thanks, Ray, MSC

1. I just assume that Sr. Fidelis is in good hands of the Presentation Sisters in spite of the
tensions between Catholics and Protestants in Ireland.
2. Looking forward for the silver jubilee of Fr. Gene in Binalbagan in December/Family Reunion.

Monday, September 04, 2000

Greetings to Nong Saldy, Fr. Gene and John on the occasion of the opening of this new blog spot. Let us post our notices, news, ideas, observations (funny or otherwise). Let us limit first the use of this site to the four of us and let us see how it works. I believe this much more handy than e-mails, especially for short notices, spot news, etc. It is like a bulletin board!
a) Yesterday (Sept.4) at 6:00 PM was the wedding of Gamgam (Gamaliel) son of Atty. Joe and Delie Sabio at the Manila Cathedral, Reception was at the Heritage Hotel.. Nang Fe informed me that she was present during the Nuptial Mass and Party. Right after the Holy Mass Nang Fe handed the two envelopes, small gift fron Nong Saldy and myself. Pretty (as usual) came late when the dinner was almost over. (Kulang ng respeto sa okasyon.)
b) Sister will stay in Ireland until the end of Sept. and returns to the Phil. in early October. I succeeded in contacting the Presentation House where she is staying (through telephone international directory assistance), but at that time, she was out
because another sister invited her to visit another community of Sisters.
Up to here lang muna, RTS.